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As part of the project Resilient Communities, we are highlighting companies and enterprises that are playing their role in building resilient communities and responding to the 5 Ps for the Sustainable Development Goals.


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Have you heard?
There’s a different type of market coming to town….

We recently got in touch with Zen D’Amato Gautum to get an insight into a new initiative about to grace the local scene – the Eco Market Malta. The idea behind this market is to bring creative, local and environmental brands under one roof – a place where conscious consumerism and responsible business meet.

Meet the faces behind this initiative! Zen D'Amato Gautum - Founder and Director (top left), Tamsin Caruana - Market Manager (bottom left), Marta Kurzyńska - Project Manager (top right) and Majbritt Kristensen - Consultant (bottom right)

Tell us a little more about your initiative…

The Eco Market Malta will be a monthly event bringing together creators and doers who go the extra mile to bring to the local market products that are eco-friendly and practices that are responsible and considerate of their impact on the local context. Apart from market stalls, there will also be a number of educational workshops and talks aimed at motivating people to shift to a more sustainable lifestyle.


What inspired you to do this?

I am personally driven by the desire to be a good role model for my children as well as the want to leave a cleaner planet for them and all future generations. This has led me towards learning and following a more sustainable lifestyle.


How will this initiative contribute to realizing the 5 Ps for the Sustainable Development Goals?

Well, Partnership is a driving force behind this initiative   – We are firm believers in collaboration and the benefits of bringing the various initiatives, knowledge and expertise of those pushing for a better Malta into one space.  We have joined forces with several NGOs, non-profits, and social enterprises, offering them free space at the markets from where they will set up an info booth and hold workshops and talks.

We also wanted to create a space for local artisans and small enterprises to display their work and offer them a potential for growth, whilst circulating the economy within the community encouraging Prosperity for all.

Leaving behind a better Planet is another major driving force behind the concept – the market will operate a 100% ban on single use plastics, offer free filtered water and promote only earth-friendly products, sustainable packaging, and responsible businesses who prioritize the planet over profit. It is a non-judgemental safe space for people to come over, learn, share and enjoy.


If there was one message you could pass on to the local community to other businesses/enterprises what would it be?  

Without environmental sustainability, nothing else really matters. If there is no healthy planet, there is no future for the human race.