Faster peaceful, just and inclusive societies

SDG 16 - Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

‘Without peace and justice, the aspirations of all other SDGs will be impossible to realise. This however demands strong political will and concrete action which truly values peace and life before profit. Otherwise, the SDGs will simply remain empty rhetoric’.

The situation in Malta

The Chief Justice boldly speaks out about the Rule of Law and the need for proper law enforcement. "I feel that rules are not applied and enforced. The Laws need to be enforced by those authorities vested with the power to enforce them" - Chief Justice Silvio Camilleri In present times, the major divisive issue in Malta is partisan politics, with tensions rising in the run up to the national elections. Furthermore, in recent years, Malta’s demographic has shifted significantly seeing more migration from Europe and irregular immigration from Northern Africa which has also seen a rise in crime and rising frustrations for locals. More efforts need to be taken to integrate cultural differences and ensure that peace and justice are respected. More democratic participation from both locals and foreigners in policy making.

  • Organise social integration activities Companies can also use their pressure on institutions and political parties for moral causes and public interests; ask for more rules and economic European standards; call to action against corruption. 

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